About Us

gmnvdr.com is a website which hosts a feed of content – also known as a blog – from Martyn Locker. The posts are related to gaming, and are often reviews of new and upcoming software (and occasionally hardware, too).

Martyn is a web developer by trade, and has been writing about video games for fun since 2011, with bylines at a various sites including PSU.com, RapidReviewsUK.com and PureDeadGaming.com.

It’s not all about Martyn, though. We have a small monthly budget to commission budding writers. Get in touch if you’d like to pitch a review or feature.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does gmnvdr mean?

Game Invader. Domain names are cheaper without vowels.

That’s all I’ve got

I don’t frequently get asked questions about this site, so an entire FAQ section was ambitious.