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Bluepoint considered an Easy Mode for Demon’s Souls on PS5

Demon’s Souls and its subsequent three Dark Souls games have a bit of a reputation for being some of the hardest games of recent times. That could have all changed for the PlayStation 5 remake of Demon’s Souls, as port specialists Bluepoint Games considered including an Easy Mode to make the game more accessible.

If you’re picking the game up alongside your shiny new PS5 today you’ll find that the feature has been omitted from the final release, to retain FromSoftware’s original vision for the game. Creative director Gavin Moore said the following to The Washington Post:

“This project remakes the work of another development team. While we’ve made some changes, our core driving mantra has always been to preserve the spirit and intent of the original creators.

“While we considered and discussed an easy mode, we ultimately decided it wasn’t our place – merely being custodians for this amazing game – to add something that would fundamentally alter its balance”

Demon’s Souls is out now on PS5. Buy from Amazon.

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