Mighty Switch Force! Collection coming to PC and consoles next month

Has it really been eight years since the humble Mighty Switch Force! series made its debut on Nintendo 3DS?

It feels like just yesterday that we took a punt on what seemed like a cutesy puzzle platformer from the developer of Shantae.

If you missed out on these little gems the first time around, the series’ four (well, technically it’s three) entries are getting bundled together in Mighty Switch Force! Collection next month.

The package will include Mighty Switch Force! and its direct sequel Mighty Switch Force! 2, along with the formerly-PC-exclusive spin-off, Mighty Switch Force! Academy and finally, the Hyper Drive Edition of the original platformer which features beautifully hand-drawn graphics and received high praise in our Wii U review back in 2012.

The game launches on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on 25th July for $20 in the US, with a price for European countries yet to be confirmed.

Martyn has been writing about video games for over a decade, and playing them for over twice as long.

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